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Sunflowers, c. 1888  by Van Gogh

Mental Health Education Award

NAMI-Yolo  has established an annual award of up to $400 to honor educators who use the NAMI-Yolo Sunflower Art Competition as an opportunity to educate students about mental health issues

To qualify for the award, applicants must be an educator whose students have entered the current year's NAMI-Yolo Sunflower Art Competition. Entries can be individual (each student doing an individual artwork) or a group project (students working together on a single artwork). Part of the project's goals should be to educate students about mental health issues.

Click here for Application Form and Guidelines

"Starry Night"  1889 Vincent Van Gogh Mental Health Lesson Plans

The Science of Mental Illness
Developed for middle school students by the National Institute of Health, participants gain insight into the biological basis of mental illnesses and how scientific evidence and research can help them understand its causes and lead to treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

Breaking the Silence
Foster awareness, empathy and acceptance of mental illness using materials designed for upper elementary, middle or high school grades.

Preventing  Mental Illness Toolkit
for educators of middle and high school students.
It includes art, literature, drama and computer activities that help raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Sunflower Lesson Plan
Use the NAMI-Yolo Sunflower Art Competition as a way to introduce mental health issues into the classroom.
Coming soon.

 " Old Man in Sorrow (On The Threshold of Eternity)", 1890 - Van Gogh  Van Gogh

"Vase with Twelve Sunflowers"  Vincent Van Gogh Other Sunflower Lesson Plans
  • Sunflowers

    Celebrate Van Gogh's birthday (March 30) by introducing his art through sunflowers.
  • Sunflower Sprout House
    (Grades K-2)
    After reading Eve Bunting's story titled "Sunflower House", students plant seeds and chart their growth.
  • Super-Sized Sunflowers
    (Grades 1-3)
    Use sunflowers to engage students in art while also integrating math and science.
  • Sunflower Lessons for ESL
    (Half beginner to intermediate)
    Use Sunflower art and gardening to teach English skills.
  • Sunflowers Art/Science
    (Grades K-8)
    Good resource for Sunflower Lesson plans
  • Kinderart Sunflower Art Lesson
    (Grades K-8)
    Introduce students to different art styles and mediums as well as  the many connections between art and culture.