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Popped-up, golden yellow plume
swinging like a colorful balloon.

Dancing, swaying in the breeze,
Iím laughing at this natureís tease.

As if she says, ďIím here to stayĒ,
not so bashful in any way.

Blessed is the one who will harvest her seeds,
husking the shellís tear-shaped beads.

Giant eyes of color see,
such wonderful expression of natureís beauty.

Consider the source
of this Creatorís choice

To give us that brown-eyed bloom larger than life,
and enjoy itís crisp color, sharp as a knife.

Stands at attention like soldiers in a row,
this flower lives to let everyone know,

Just how lovely her colorís glow
wondering where her next seeds sheíll sow.

Hidden for next summer when sheíll pop open the soil,
again to show off her colorís royal.

Michele Harte
5/10/09 copyright

Detail "Facing the Sun"  Kiera Korte, Age 12