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  Sunflower Art Rules and Regulations

  1. Entry must be an original drawing, painting, photo or any other medium. Limit is one artwork per entrant.

  2. A Sunflower theme must be incorporated in the artwork.

  3. There is a $5 entry fee for Adults (18 and older). Fee will be waived upon request.

  4. All wall art must be ready for hanging with materials strong enough to support the weight. Mats or backing materials should be 1/8 thick or less. Framed wall art should have a hanging wire securely attached to the frame. No saw tooth hangers, string or tape should be used. Clip frames with either plexi or glass will not be accepted. Indicate if pushpins can be used directly on the
    artwork. . If anything accepted presents an installation problem such as weight or fragility, the creator will be asked to come in to do the installation at our convenience.

  5. Group Entries can be one piece of artwork created by more than one artist or can be multiple artworks created by individual group members (e.g. classroom, family).   As a guideline, the size of a group entry should fit within a
    6 ft. by 6 ft. space. For entries exceeding this size, contact Marilyn Moyle at 530-756-8475.

  6. Entry Deadline for the 2012 Art Competition is Friday, June 1.

  7. Please indicate if you want to sell your art work. Sellers are responsible for all transactions and should provide contact information or business cards. NAMI-Yolo will not collect commissions but would appreciate any donations made.

  8. All artwork must be picked up from the Davis Art Center at the date specified on the entry form unless you make other arrangements at the time the piece is submitted. NAMI-Yolo is not responsible for any artwork that is not collected.

A panel of judges will determine the winners. Relatives of judges cannot be participants. Prizes will be awarded in each of the
following categories: Children (Under 8); Youth (8-12) Teens (13-17); Amateur Adults (18 and older); Professional Artists; Groups; Schools. A prize of $100 will be awarded to the artwork selected for the NAMI-Yolo sunflower seed packet. If selected for the Sunflower Seed Packet, a photo reproduction of the art piece will be in portrait format which may result in photo-cropping of the artwork.

All entries will be displayed at the NAMI-Yolo Sunflower Art Exhibition at the Davis Art Center 1919 F St. in Davis, the first three weeks in June unless other arrangements are made.